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Carpet Cleaning Cutler Bay

Carpet Cleaning Cutler Bay delivers a comprehensive range of home and carpet cleaning services throughout the township and other parts of the Southern Florida. Carpet dry cleaning, steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and more, we are full service carpet cleaners able to handle even the most challenging cleaning, restoration and repair situations.

Extreme Conditions Require Extreme Cleaning

As you know, living in this area can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. Open the windows and let the sunshine stream in when weather permits, but watch out for hot, humid tropical weather conditions and the inevitable storms that arrive during hurricane season. These extreme situations can lead to the flooding, bacterial contamination and other unsightly, health threatening conditions.

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Carpet Cleaning Cutler Bay Services:

  • Air duct cleaning. The air you breathe circulates in your indoor environment via closed passageways called air ducts. Our expert technicians will efficiently and expertly clean dirt, dust and bi-products of condensation (mold spores) out of your air ducts before they make their way into your lungs.
  • Water damage restoration. Heavy rain storms and hurricanes often leave homeowners facing serious water damage. If you fall victim to a flood – from natural causes, faulty plumbing or as the aftermath of a fire – act quickly or risk losing more than you have to. Carpet Cleaning Cutler Bay supplies the most efficient water extraction services and restoration in the county. We use state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience to bring your property back from the depths.
  • Grout cleaning. Grout, the veritable glue that holds floor, counter and wall tiles in place, filling spaces and sealing joints. Add a splash of color and you also add a decorative dimension. Grout, however, is susceptible to deterioration, discoloration and bacterial growth. Our grout cleaning services, including cleaning, restoration and sealing, will bring your grout back to its original state - or have it looking even better.
  • Cleaning wood floors. Sanding * Sealing * Buffing * Staining * Painting * Finishing * Restoration.

Home Health Tips from Cutler Bay Carpet Cleaning

Keep your home healthy by protecting yourself against mold growth and buildup. Mold grows when it lands on a damp indoor surface. This can be walls, floors, furniture, etc. Your first step in avoiding mold is to limit excessive moisture. In most cases, keeping rooms well ventilate is enough.

  • When showering, leave a window open or be sure to activate your bathroom vent to ensure proper circulation of air.
  • Wipe down tile surfaces twice - once to get them clean, once to dry.
  • Use mold-resistant paint, or paint with antimicrobial additives, especially in bathrooms and other inherently damp places.
Cutler Bay, Florida Cutler Bay, Florida, which was incorporated in 2005, is one of the state's youngest cities. The town, which occupies a space of about ten square miles, has a population of nearly 40,000. As a friendly, welcoming community, Cutler Bay attracts young and old alike. The city council has adopted a policy of environmental awareness and has enacted several Green Initiatives. Their commitment to shrinking the town's ecological footprint is evident in several policies, such as the use of eco-friendly cleaning products by janitorial staff, the use of recycled paper in Town Hall and the use of hybrid vehicles for official business.